Complete your pipeline with the one app that will let you finish it all on time.
Piranha 8 is a high performance end to end editing and finishing solution for film and video professionals. Edit, composite, retouch, color grade and output using Piranha's lightning fast GPU architecture.

Mac/OSX Windows Linux
Jpeg Y Y Y
Tiff Y Y Y
Arc Format Y Y Y
Quicktime Y Y Y
Cinema DNG Y Y Y
Red R3d Y Y Y
Cineform Quicktime - Y Y
Prores Quicktime Y - -
Portable Pixmap PPM Y Y Y
Targa tga Y Y Y
Cineon Y Y Y
Jpeg2000 j2c,j2k - Y Y
Hardware J2k Y -
Red Rocket Hardware Playback Y Y Y

Editing and Conform

Piranha can conform Final Cut Pro XML, Vegas XML, and CMX Edl formats. Piranha's editing system features full non-linear editing including multiple video and audio trackes.

Timeline based Compositing and Effects

Piranha integrates editing, layer-based compositing, painting, complete color correction and more in a single timeline, and within a single application. No more switching between applications!

Color Finishing

Multiple secondaries, free form trackable shapes and Keyer control.

Paint Tools

Paint on sequences, supports up to 16bit/per channel color.

Stereo Tools

Full Stereo 3D Support

View edit and correct stereo content using a variety of supported 3D displays. Convert 2D content to stereo quickly and creatively.

Live stereo viewing of content. Stereoflow effects fixing any stereo shot. 2D to 3D conversion tools.

Playback and Daily tools

Piranha makes a great daily and editorial tool for 3D animators and live shooters alike. Piranha is able to conform from xml and even composite separate video tracks as well as separate audio tracks.

High Dynamic Range Support

HDRI Color and Effects Pipeline

Primary and multiple secondary color effects per layer. GPU based user controllable shader effects provide real- time high dynamic range image control.

Piranha Supports high dynamic range images such as Red-R3d, Exr and Floating point Tiff Files.

Camera and Format Support

Camera Support

Native support for Canon, Blackmagic, GoPro/Cineform, Silicon Imaging, Red and others. Spend less time importing and more time working creatively with your content.

CinemaDNG pipeline

GPU accelerated CinemaDNG playback and editing of high bit depth content from Blackmagic and other DNG based camera systems. GoPro/Cineform MOV and AVI file support. Red R3D (w/ RedRocket) Exr, DPX, PNG, JPG, TIF, AVI, MP4 and others.

4K Ultra HD

4K, 8K and Beyond
Explore the possibilities of 4K and 8k Imaging without the render times and data migration issues of other systems.

Easy Content Management

Piranha reads your original content and allows you to complete an entire project without moving media between modules or pre-rendering layers and elements.

Live Video IO

Piranha Supports live output monitoring via HDSDI and HDMI. Live input via HD-SDI HDMI supporting onset color tools.

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