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Windows (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8)

Download Windows 8.0.0-3.3.21 Installer

Linux 64bit (Ubtuntu 10.04, Centos 6, Rhel6 and Later)

Download Linux 8.0.0-r3.3.21

Mac/OSX (Snow Leopard and Later)

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Release Notes

Version 8.0.0-3.3.19
     o New CinemaDNG plugin for MacOSX
     * Expiring cloud keys now reported correctly
     * Fix for tracking on GPU CinemaDNG files
Version 8.0.0-3.3.18
     o New CinemaDNG plugins for Windows and Linux
     * Desktop more organized less duplicates
     * Arrange items now redraws 
     * dragging a clip to the desktop opens the project immediately
     * desktop projects which are open now have yellow highlight
Version 8.0.0-3.3.17
     * Linux fixes for 3.3.16 graph color issues
     o New CinemaDNG reader
     o CinemaDNG performance now faster
     o 3D color table now has a render switch
     * 3D color table default menu now works better
     * Playback fix (was causing skipframes in 3.3.16) 
Version 8.0.0-3.3.16
     * Linux fixes for older systems including Suse and Ubuntu 10.04
     * compare fixes for windows and some linux systems
Version 8.0.0-3.3.12
     o Drive/Mount menu added to both normal file browser and clipbin
     * Native file browser on windows better with fullscreen mode.
     o New Global Framing mode in Project setup
     o Project FPS now defaults to FPS of loaded clips
     o Quicktime Render FPS now defaults to project fps
     * Fix for vault setup issues on windows.
     * Fix for missing features when logged in
     * Fix for problems exiting the app when not logged in
Version 8.0.0-3.3.8
     * fix for -persist flag on windows
     * faster dpx playback
     * extension support for .tiff and .TIFF added
     * fix for dpx writing on windows
     * Color - Rotos now follow keyer alpha
       (now easier to stage multiple color effects and 
       combine alphas)
     * -wd dir flag added to set working director at startup
Version 8.0.0-3.3.5
     * MAC/OSX - fullscreen fixes
     * MAC/OSX - fix for many redraw/update issues
     * Improved speed with 16bit images
     * Fix for loglin effect
     * Import Images fix for browser sorting
     * 16bit icon fix
     * Tiff now handles .tiff and .TIFF extension
Version 8.0.0-3.3.4
     * XP fix (was broken in 3.3.3)
     * Fix for 16bit images in Media Player
Version 8.0.0-3.3.3
     o 16bit/component Quicktime support added
     o quicktime render now adds a suffix to the file if needed
     o CinemaDNG now has Log option (for Blackmagic Cameras)
     o Windows Native Filebrowser mode now support Import Images.
     o Default window size more normal now
     * Fullscreen Toggle works more consistantly
     * Native filebrowser switches fullscreen mode
     * Recents for windows no .tmp files
     * Cut and paste license key on windows working better
     o Tiff Support added to windows
Version 8.0.0-3.3.2
     * More libs added to Linux version for Centos6
     * Fix for windows key installer
     - added Fullscreen toggle under View menu
     * fix for recents loading/saving
     * fix for flipped dpx/dng in color rotos
Version 8.0.0-3.3.1
     - Made Auto the default for frame size
     - upped audio channel limit in piranha to 16
     - made the default directory for new project home (mac win/lin)